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Harnessflex Hybrid Conduit

Harnessflex offer colour matched systems for the increasingly popular hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. RAL 2003 orange is the colour for high voltage wiring and cables and it has been adopted by the major engine manufacturers. Harnessflex has responded by offering its ranges of NC flexible standard weight nylon conduit and CTPA lightweight conduit systems in orange RAL 2003 in all popular sizes, all of which are compatible with the full range of fittings and interfaces. NC conduit is a general purpose conduit that can withstand extreme temperatures as well as resisting automotive olis and solvents. It is also extremely tough, has high impact strength, providing protection against mechanical stock and water ingress. IP 66, 67 ratings can be achieved when used with the sealed system. Ideal for both engine and chassis applications, it can be used in a wide range of temperatures. 

Lightweight CTPA conduit for both automotive applications and harness fabrication is available in slit and un-slit versions with sizes from NC08 to NC 40. It is rated to IP67 for sealed systems and IP40 with the hinged system. In addition to coloured conduits for hybrid and electric vehicles, Harnessflex can also provide conduit systems in the approved colours for wiring applications for most major vehicle manufacturers including the following areas:

  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Engine manufacturers
  • Harness manufacturers
  • Truck and bus manufacturers
  • Tanker and trailer manufacturers
  • Specialist vehicle manufacturers
  • Military vehicles

‚ÄčAuto Electrical Supplies Ltd (AES) are the leading global distributor and exporter of the full range of Harnessflex conduits, hinged and sealed fittings, back shell interfaces and automotive connectors. Market leading products for the protection of critical automotive connectors, electrical components and wiring harnesses, the primary sector focus is at the OEM's and Wiring Harness Makers for the bus, truck, commercial vehicle and heavy machinery markets in Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Transportation, Marine and Leisure. For more information about our UK operation or Auto Electrical Supplies (Export) Limited (AES Export), please do not hesitate to contact us. Offering contract pricing, favourable MOQ levels, technical advice and first class customer service we would be delighted to hear from you. Please use the following email links:

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