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TempGuard External Hinged X-Pieces


Modern engine design has continually evolved to meet changing times. Global regulations such as Euro 6, USA10, and Tier 4 for off-highway heavy duty vehicles have mandated that manufacturers reduce emission levels. This required reduction, along with changes to engine design to improve safety, reduce noise and improve efficiency, have resulted in higher engine temperatures and led to the automotive industry actively looking for a complete and effective solution to protect the wiring and connectors in their engines.

The NEW TempGuard range from Harnessflex has been designed to satisfy the market demand for a complete wiring harness protection solution, which can handle long term exposure to high temperatures.


Two-piece X configuration fitting providing protection for in-line connectors, fuse links, circuit breakers and splicing areas. The strong construction allows for the protection of delicate connections, or as an alternative when an interface/backshell isn’t available. These fittings are designed to snap together over all types of slit and unslit Harnessflex conduit, maintaining maximum conduit bore.

The TempGuard conduit and fittings system is designed to work specifically with high temperature wiring,
allowing them to successfully operate at up to 200ºC, with long term heat aging, tensile and impact strength testing carried out to ensure the reliability and validity of the range. Through improved system performance and integrity TempGuard reduces running costs, mimimises breakdowns and downtime, increasing overall productivity.

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