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Harnessflex Sealed Fittings
A wide range of Harnessflex sealed fittings rated at IP66, 67, 68 (2 bar 30 mins) & 69K are available and complete the product offering for vehicle wiring applications.

Quality and Standards
Manufacturing is controlled in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 whilst ongoing testing and approval to international standards; e.g. UL recognition, TUV and LCIE, provides any additional confidence required to specify appropriate Harnessflex products across the widest variety of automotive applications including hazardous or aggressive environments. Conduit has the following approvals:

Ford flammability specification for conduit

French automotive conduit specification

UL Recognised
American electrical conduit specification

Sealed fittings have the following approvals when used with NC solid conduit:

UL Recognised

All components comply with End of Life Vehicle (ELV) directive EU2000/53//EC. Harnessflex also comply to ISO14001 - Environmental Standard

Through our internal design team we are able to offer unique solutions, specific to our customers applications. Using the latest 3D CAD modelling software we are able to communicate new product designs quickly and efficiently. Rapid prototype parts can be made to order to enable product evaluation early on in the design cycle. If you have a requirement for a dedicated hinged fitting please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Hints & Tips
1). The anti-vibration spring clips can be released easily if access is needed - no tool required.
2). In order to maintain the IP rating of the sealed fittings face sealing washers must be used with all threaded fittings.
3). By using an SC swivel clamping ring, an IP40 rotating joint can be achieved.
4). Our sealed T and X Pieces and our sealed manifolds have inspection covers, which can be removed durting installation to aid cable routing.

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