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4 LED battery hand lamp HL DA 40 MH 200lm 1176440

£19.22 inc VAT - £16.02 exc VAT
LED battery hand lamp HL DA 40 MH / Robust battery work lamp with switch and integrated magnet (hand lamp with 200lm and up to 3h light duration, bendable holding foot)

LED battery hand lamp HL 200 A 250+70lm, bendable 1175430010

£19.38 inc VAT - £16.15 exc VAT
LED rechargeable hand lamp HL 200 A / LED work lamp with integrated rechargeable battery and magnet (250 + 70lm, LED workshop lamp with max. 6h burn time, bendable base and retractable hook, USB cable included)

LED battery spotlight CL 1050 MA, 950lm, IP65 1173070010

£34.18 inc VAT - £28.48 exc VAT
Mobile LED rechargeable spotlight CL 1050 MA / clampable LED work spotlight 10W (LED construction spotlight with clamping device ideally suited for work of home and craftsmen, in workshops or on assembly, 950lm, 12h burn time, Engineered in Germany)

LED floodlight JARO 4060 P with Infrared motion detector 3450lm, 30W, IP65 1171250342

£33.16 inc VAT - £27.63 exc VAT
LED Spotlight JARO 4060 P (LED Floodlight for wall mounting for outdoor IP65, 30W, 3450lm, 6500K, with motion detector)

LED Light JARO 4060, 3450lm, 30W, IP65 1171250341

£25.80 inc VAT - £21.50 exc VAT
LED Spotlight JARO 4060 / LED Floodlight 30W for outdoor use (LED Outdoor Light for wall mounting, with 3450lm, made of high-quality aluminium, IP65)

LED Rechargeable Hand Lamp HL 1000 A, IP54, 1000+200lm 1175680

£40.51 inc VAT - £33.76 exc VAT
With super-bright COB LED at the front. Additional switching level for 1 SMD LED in the luminaire head. Stepless dimming function 10 % to 100 % for particularly long light duration. Rubber coating for increased shock resistance and best grip. Bendable base up to +/- 60? with integrated magnet. 2 magnets at the back and fold-out hook for flexible use. Integrated Li-Ion battery 3.7 V/4.4 Ah with charge indicator

LED Rechargeable Hand Lamp HL 501 A 500+120lm 1175670110

£31.20 inc VAT - £26.00 exc VAT
LED Rechargeable Torch HL 1000 A IP54 / dimmable Work Light with rechargeable battery and magnets (1000+200lm, with bright COB-LED, robust Outdoor Work Light with bendable base and USB C charging interface)

LED rechargeable hand lamp PL 200 AC, 200lm 1175590100

£16.96 inc VAT - £14.13 exc VAT
LED Rechargeable Torch PL 200 AC / Rechargeable Work Light with COB LED and USB C-port (Inspection Light with 200lm, up to 12h burn time, including USB C-charging cable)

LED Workshop Rechargeable Light WL 500 A IP54 520lm 1175580

£19.72 inc VAT - £16.43 exc VAT
LED battery Work Light WL 500 A / Rechargeable Light with USB charging cable (520lm, 3 light modes, with integrated hook and magnet)

LuxPremium LED Rechargeable Torch TL 210 AF, IP44, 200lm 1173750003

£18.20 inc VAT - £15.17 exc VAT
Rechargeable Torch LED LuxPremium TL 210 AF/Flashlight with bright Osram-LED (200lm, up to 13h burn time, splash-proof IP44)

LuxPremium LED-Flashlight THL 300, IP54, 360+240lm 1178690

£15.00 inc VAT - £12.50 exc VAT
LuxPremium Flashlight THL 300 / LED Torch with side light and extra bright CREE-LED (flashlight emergency COB LED, 360+240 Lumen, max. 30h light duration, torch with 8 modes, IP54)

LuxPremium LED-Headlight KL 100 IP44, 100lm 1178760

£11.74 inc VAT - £9.78 exc VAT
With extra bright CREE-LED for powerful light. Ideal for any application (work, sports, leisure) leaving both hands free. Switch with 3 different settings (100 %, 20 %, SOS). The focus angle can be adjusted. Back of head battery pack for balanced and comfortable wearing.