Auto Electrical Supplies (Export) Ltd

The globalisation of the automotive electrical sector has brought about far reaching changes to the scope and world wide reach of manufacturers and distributors. This presents challenges and, more importantly, opportunities to companies such as Auto Electrical Supplies Ltd (AES). At AES we have seen continued growth of our export business over a number of years and have made further, material improvements to our infrastructure – strategic changes that enable us to grow and develop along with the increase in volumes generated by the year on year expansion of the global electric and electrical automotive markets.

These markets are predicted to continue on an upward curve for many years to come. Both emerging and established markets are experiencing an upturn in demand with the protection of critical wiring assemblies remaining pivotal to the growth of the sector. AES, in conjunction with Harnessflex, are positioned at the very forefront supplying flexible Conduit systems, fittings and backshell interfaces to many of the world’s leading harness makers and OEMs.

To continuously improve our export capability to a growing international customer base, AES has launched a new subsidiary – Auto Electrical Supplies (Export) Ltd. This new trading entity allows us to focus at our overseas customer base. Including streamlined processes and a dedicated back-office team, these changes have been introduced to benefit our customers and will improve service levels and the technology platform that underpins our business.

There will be no changes to costs (apart from any manufacturers price increases, however these will be kept to a minimum), but customers will see service and business process improvements implemented to ensure AES continue to offer an outstanding high quality product, favourable MOQ levels and contract pricing. All new orders from export customers will be processed through Auto Electrical Supplies (Export) Ltd and moving forward all enquiries should be sent to:

[email protected]

All export transactions will be managed through the new company and we will be in contact with all our existing customers to ensures these changes are cascaded internally to all colleagues and departments engaged with the previous trading relationship. Telephone contact will remain through our group switchboard number +44 (0)1924 364464, fax +44 (0)1924 299289.

We look forward to working with you.