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960H SD DVR Kit (4 camera inputs, incl. 4 cameras & 1 x 32GB SD card) |Mirror image

£731.62 inc VAT - £609.68 exc VAT
Great value 960H DVR kit records evidence in case of an incident.
  • 960H real time recording
  • Perfect for both 12V & 24V application; vans, rigid vehicles and articulated lorries
  • Clear display with high resolution TFT LCD monitor
  • DVR records the images for later download
  • Mirror Image infra-red cameras for day & night vision
  • Kit includes;
  • 1 x 4-channel DVR
  • 1 x 7" monitor
  • 1 x Rear camera
  • 1 x Forward-facing camera
  • 2 x Side camera
  • 1 x 20m cable
  • 3 x 5m cables
  • 1 x 32GB SD card
  • Note: DVR records onto 2 x SD cards up to 128GB each. This kit includes 1 x 32GB SD card

    Alarm Box for DL5 4G DVR

    £64.23 inc VAT - £53.53 exc VAT
    Alarm Box for DL5 4G DVR

    Digital Hard drive Reader for Super HD DVRs

    £131.79 inc VAT - £109.83 exc VAT
    Use Durite digital reader to easily download incident data from your Super HD DVR, playback & save videos to your PC

    DVR Control Box – 24V

    £174.21 inc VAT - £145.18 exc VAT
    The PIR control box is designed to allow the use of the PIR sensor whilst the vehicle is switched off to monitor movement in the vicinity and wake up the DVR to record in case of detection. It also shuts down the DVR when no more movement is detected and has a delay for activation after the ignition is switched off to allow the driver to vacate the vehicle without setting the sensor off.

    DVR IR Jack with 3m Extension Lead – 12VDC

    £39.28 inc VAT - £32.73 exc VAT
    For use on Durite DVRs 0-776-80, 0-776-81 & 0-776-84

    LED Panel Display Panic Button

    £77.11 inc VAT - £64.26 exc VAT
    Durite Panic Button with LED Display. LED alarm panel is an alarm display panel specially developed for the vehicle monitoring market, which is capable of displaying the recording status and malfunction alarm status of Mobile digital video recorder and high efficiency. Panic alarm function, frequent buzzer sound to warn the driver in case of over speeding, light sensor to auto adjust the brightness of the display light, Small 5559 interface, with plastic buckle design to ensure the connection reliability under the vehicle vibration environment.
  • Lock the file for a designated time period building up to when the button was pressed and after
  • Light sensor to auto adjust the brightness of the display light
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Serial Box For DL3 4G DVR

    £48.17 inc VAT - £40.14 exc VAT
    Serial Box For DL3 4G DVR

    Spare Hard Drive Caddy For DX1 & DL1 DVRs

    £123.38 inc VAT - £102.82 exc VAT
    Spare Hard Drive Caddy For DX1 & DL1 DVRs DX1 DVRs:
  • 0-876-80
  • 0-876-57
  • 0-876-01
  • DL1 DVRs:
  • 0-876-59
  • 0-876-55
  • 0-876-04