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12/24V Battery Tester With Start Charge Analyzer

£186.61 inc VAT - £155.51 exc VAT
Built in 37mm thermal printer, microprocessor controlled, for use on lead-acid automotive batteries including: Wet Cell, Lead/Calcium, Sealed, Deep cycle, AGM, GEL and Maintenance Free.

Electronic Battery Tester With Start/Charge Analyser – 12/24V

£66.44 inc VAT - £55.37 exc VAT
For use on lead-acid automotive batteries including: WET cell, Lead/Calcium, Sealed, Deep cycle, AGM GEL and maintenance free.
  • Start/charge analyser
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • LCD display
  • CE, RoHS approved
  • Heavy Duty Battery Tester – 12V 125/250A

    £445.55 inc VAT - £371.29 exc VAT
    Selectable load setting 125 or 250 amps, and an automatic 10 second test period indicator.

    Replacement Meter for Battery Tester 0-524-08.

    £43.01 inc VAT - £35.84 exc VAT
    Replacement meter for 0-524-08.

    Replacement Paper Rolls for Battery Tester Bg2

    £7.00 inc VAT - £5.83 exc VAT
    Spare 7.5m rolls of 37mm thermal paper for 0-524-72.