Delve into the comprehensive world of AES with our complete catalogues, offering a vast array of innovative solutions for diverse industries. From Harnessflex® Specialist Conduit Systems to an extensive range of products encompassing wiring solutions, cable management, lighting, vehicle cameras, reversing systems and safety solutions, our catalogues provide a one-stop destination for all your needs.

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Discover everything we offer, from Harnessflex conduit, connector interfaces and fittings to vehicle lighting, electrical parts, cables, safety solutions, cameras, reversing systems and much much more. Our comprehensive range ensures that you’ll find the perfect solutions tailored to your needs. Discover innovation, quality, and reliability all in one place with AES.

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Explore cutting-edge solutions tailored for the electrical and automotive industries with our Harnessflex catalogues. These provide comprehensive product information on our entire range of specialist conduit systems, as well as guidance in selecting the perfect solution for your specific application. Designed for your convenience, our catalogues ensure easy access to all the resources you need, available for download at any time.

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The DURITE Catalogue offers an extensive selection of automotive products designed to meet the needs of any vehicle system. From a wide variety of lighting options and CCTV kits to ensure safety and security, to an array of switches and indicators that enhance functionality and control, our catalogue has it all. Additionally, our power inverters and relays are built to provide reliable power management solutions, ensuring efficiency and durability. Whether upgrading existing components or undertaking new installations, the DURITE Catalogue is your go-to resource for high-quality automotive electrical products.

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AES now boasts range of lighting solutions with access to Labcraft, renowned for its extensive line of top-tier vehicle LED lighting solutions. Labcraft’s offerings span various categories, encompassing Banksman lighting, essential for safe maneuvering, as well as exterior and scene lighting for heightened visibility in any environment. Their interior lighting options illuminate the vehicle’s interior with efficiency and style, while LED strip lighting adds customizable ambiance. Moreover, Labcraft’s PIR lights offer intelligent motion-sensing capabilities, enhancing security and energy efficiency. Complemented by a range of switches, Labcraft ensures comprehensive lighting solutions tailored to the needs of any vehicle.

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