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AES invests in 40kW solar energy system

AES are now generating solar energy through the recent installation of a 40KW solar panel system.

Generating our own free, green electricity significantly reduces our carbon footprint and has lowered our demand for energy from the grid, potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy bills. Rising electricity costs, reducing our carbon footprint, securing our future energy supply, and having a plentiful amount of roof space made a solar energy system a sensible investment for AES.

Our 40KW solar rooftop installation allows AES to offset approx. 8.46 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, 211.5 tonnes over 25 years, is the equivalent of planting approx. 100 trees per year and 2500 trees over 25 years.

AES are delighted with the current performance of the solar panels,  the system is running well, outperforming the predicted figures.

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